Customer Care

We want every Backhouse customer to enjoy not only the benefits of a new Backhouse home, but also the experience of buying with us. Our team have designed a unique customer experience to ensure we fully integrate you into the build of your new home and ensure we offer you expert guidance and practical assistance throughout and beyond the home buying process.

Upon exchange, we will invite you to attend our ‘Backhouse Brunch’; this is a great opportunity for you to meet your new neighbours as well as your dedicated customer care team.

We will accompany you to a plot progression visit which is the chance for you to visit your new home at 1st fix/pre-plaster stage. This event, which is hosted by the site manager, enables you to ask any questions you may have regarding the construction as well as take any measurements you may need.

We will accompany you to a Home preview around two weeks prior to your legal completion, where you will be helped through the process of checking that each part of the property is to your chosen specification and expected quality. As part of this visit, you will be shown how to operate each part of your new home to make sure you are happy and familiar with all fixtures and appliances.

Upon completion, you will be provided with a comprehensive Home User Guide (HUG) which will provide instructions on the use of your new home and provide you with an easy to use reference. The HUG will also contain the relevant contact numbers should you need help or assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency.

A complimentary paint touch up service arranged by our site team around three weeks following your legal completion will ensure our continued support following your move.