Emergency cover

For the first two years after completion, your new home comes with a Backhouse warranty and a 24 hour emergency service.

This service is available 24/7 , for two years from completion. It is available to respond in the event of a true emergency, broadly defined as a fault arising in the property which is likely to harm persons or property.

Please do not refer routine enquiries or non-urgent matters to the Emergency Service. The operators will be unable to deal with them and your call may divert resources away from true emergencies. If you have a problem or query which does not constitute as an emergency please contact your Backhouse Housing Customer Care Team.

What is covered?

  • Central heating & hot water system No hot water or heating as a result of a breakdown, leak or failure.
  • Failure of internal electrics Failure of all sockets or lighting on one or more floors.
  • Security Faulty front or back door locks or if your property is not secure.
  • Plumbing Toilets not flushing, leaks from toilet, hot and cold-water cylinders/tanks, central heating water pipes, if the leak cannot be contained and is causing damage to the property or penetrating electrical fittings.
  • Drainage Blockages or damage to waste pipes. Blocked bath, sink, toilet or external drainage.

The emergency service contact number is 0345 366 9913.